Contributed to SuperTuxKart Open Source Project

I was really happy when I found out that some of the open source work I did ended up going into the latest SuperTuxKart build.  I release just about all of my open source work under a CC0 license, which doesn’t require crediting me, but they gave me the credit anyway.  And it really felt great. Thank you guys.  I am proud to have my name is in the credits of one of my favorite games.    Link:

If you don’t know what SuperTuxKart is, it is a racing game that constantly ranks among the best open source projects of all time.  And not only did I make it to the credits, You can see also the part I worked on near the grand finale of the trailer video.  My stuff starts at about 1:29 mark.



You can download the game over here.  It is totally free and it is really a lot of fun.

Here is a screenshot where you can see the part of my work which was included.  It is the big hulking statue holding the lightpost.  And of course you are welcome to grab a free copy from opengameart and use it in any of your projects.

Thank you everyone at the SuperTuxKart team, I am truly honored.